Join meetings from Chrome or Firefox browsers with 1-click, no need to download software or plugins

Flexible Meetings

Attend meetings on any PC, Mac, iOS and Android device. The free IPVideoTalk app can be found in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store


Present and collaborate with your team by sharing computer screens to show presentations, documents, watch videos, review websites and more

Advanced Features

Industry-leading 1080p Full HD video resolutions for maximum quality and clarity

Video Conference

Up to 150 meeting participants, and 49 simultaneous video feeds

The world requires more remote collaboration than ever before. Organizations of all types need a tool to keep their teams connected, efficient and productive - no matter where they are. Enter Grandstream’s IPVideoTalk Meetings, which offer FREE and paid meeting plans that can be scaled for any organization and attended on nearly any device from any location.

Scheduling a Meeting Made Easy

  1. Plan or Start a Meeting - on the user interface click on Schedule a Meeting and select the meeting type.

  2. Fill in the Meeting Information - Subject, Time zone, Start time, duration etc.

  3. Meeting Reminders - Once a meeting is scheduled the system will send an email notification to participants, and start the meeting automatically.

Grandstream's GVC series are built to suit the needs of any organization. They provide easy-to-use, flexible video conferencing hardware devices that pair with IPVideoTalk Meeting plans to create a powerful video solution.

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